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—  Brazil, Mogiana  —
Notes of Chocolate, Nutty.  Natural Process. 

—  Colombia, Tolima  —
Notes of Red Fruits, Toffee.  Washed.

—  Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe Wote Konga 
Notes of Chocolate, Blackberry, Blueberry.  Natural Process.

—  Guatemala, Huehuetenango   —
Notes of Dark Chocolate, Red Grape, Blackberry.   Washed.  Top- Lot.

 —  Papua New Guinea, Tambuna  —
Notes of Chocolate, Fig, Toffee, Almond.  Washed.

—  Sumatra, Reje Gayo —
Notes of Toffee, Sweet Herb. Fair Trade Organic. 

—  Mexico, Trebolillos Estate —
Notes of Chocolate, Caramel.  Washed.  Organic. 

—  Mexico, Origin Select (Decaf) —
Notes of Graham Cracker, Citrus.  Washed.  Organic. 





(Teas vary based on availability)

Black Teas- Higher caffeine content compared to other teas (50-65% of coffee)

Breakfast Assam-This is a great everyday Assam, very hearty and malty, but with a nice clean taste. This tea is our first choice for using as a base tea for Chai.

Blueberry Fields- Fine China black tea is combined with aronia berries, blue mallow blossoms, flavor, blueberries, and freeze-dried blueberries. A refreshing iced tea!

Ceylon, Lumbini Estate FBOP- This exceptional black tea brews up with a deep rich aroma and a gorgeous copper/red hue. The liquor is very full-bodied with complex, thick flavor notes and hints of a spicy sweetness.

Citrus Solstice- Tastes like oranges with a floral touch and pairs nicely with a cabin at the lake. Contains black tea, jasmine green tea, flavor, lemongrass, rose petals, cornflower.

Darjeeling, Glenburn Estate- A smooth, everyday Darjeeling black tea with elegant muscatel notes.

Dark Rose- This dark tea from Hunan province of China, is medium to full-bodied, very smooth, with a delicious dusty rose flavor and aroma. Contains dark tea and rose petals.

Earl Grey White Tip- Made from fine Chinese and Ceylon teas with a large portion of white tips (the most prized leaf of the plant) and blended with bergamot flavor. Incredibly aromatic and flavorful.

Gold Blend- Fine Chinese black tea is blended with orange blossom petals, safflower petals, elderberry blossoms, flower pollen, flavor. It is great hot and absolutely incredible iced.

Pomegranate Black- This black tea blend is light to medium-bodied, very smooth, slightly sweet, and creamy. It is very aromatic and delivers a cup that is reminiscent of tropical fruits.  Contains: China black tea, rosehips, pomegranate flavor, freeze-dried pomegranate, rose petals.

Prairie Passion- A beguiling blend of black and green teas with passionfruit and other flavors. It is slightly sweet with a hint of tanginess. Contains: black and green tea, papaya, rosehip peels, flavor and sunflower.

Wild English Rose- A deep, rich Chinese black tea is blended with flavor and rose petals to produce a blend that is comforting, sweet, and flavorful.

Lemon Sunset Decaf- A refreshing, lemony blend of organic rooibos, lemongrass, lemon flavor, and lemon pieces. A full-bodied, very bright and smooth cup. Caffeine-free.

Oolong Tea- These teas have a caffeine content between that of green teas and black teas.

Blue Beauty- This greener oolong from the Fujian province is a regional specialty tea rarely seen outside of China. It brews up very aromatic, sweet, floral, and slightly spicy with a pronounced silky texture. The leaf is sprinkled with ginseng and licorice root, and then folded many times so you will get many steepings from the same leaf.

Strawberry- This is a wonderfully sweet, smooth, and fruity tea. A semi-curled oolong from Fujian province is blended with flavor to steep up light to medium-bodied with the aroma and taste of fresh strawberries wrapping around you with every sip. This tea is INCREDIBLE iced.

Green Tea- Tends to have less caffeine (10-30% of coffee)

Cherry- This delightful green tea blend is very aromatic and flavorful. Cherries are practically bursting out of your tea cup as you sip, yet you can still taste the delicate China green tea underneath. Contains: sencha green tea, cherry flavor, hibiscus, wild cherry bark, rosehips, rose petals, beet root powder.

Jasmine- A truly refreshing tea that is very aromatic and slightly floral; a fine tea for warm, rainy days.

Mango- Sweet, smooth, and summery. Those are your first impressions when you sip this sencha based green tea. The aroma of fresh mangos rises from the steeped cup, and the tea itself is smooth, sweet, and silky and brings to mind tropical breezes on desert islands. This tea is wonderful when made hot, and incredible when made iced. Contains: green tea, mango flavor, sunflower blossoms.

Matcha- This is a lovely organic matcha from China with that classic strong, vegetal, bitter/sweet, taste. Very nice for sipping informally and great for non-traditional applications: baking, cooking etc.

Moroccan Mint- Incredibly aromatic! This blend of gunpowder green tea and spearmint steeps up sweet, smooth, and refreshing. Makes a great iced tea.

Organic Clouds and Mist- A lovely green tea grown on the island of Zhoushan off the eastern coast of China. This tea is bright, very fresh, very refreshing with the tiniest hint of toastiness.

Zen My Cha- This green tea is a blend of traditional Japanese Genmaicha, (popped brown rice and sencha tea), coated in a green tea powder called matcha. Matcha, the tea used in the Japanese tea Ceremony, adds a wonderful mouthfeel and a hint of ritual. The leaves steep up brilliant green-yellow and the taste is a harmonious mix of toasty silky, and the sweet grassy flavors familiar to Japanese tea lovers. A perfect tea for re-steeping, this blend celebrates everything we love about Japan. Contains: Genmaicha, Matcha.


White Tea- Can produce low amounts of caffeine. However, steeping with hotter temperature and longer time will extract more caffeine. But by definition, white tea does not have less caffeine than other teas.

White Tea with Peach- Silky, sweet, and fruity with a prominent peach flavor and aroma. Contains white tea, freeze dried peaches, peach flavor, and calendula petals.

Herbal Teas- Caffeine Free

Evening in Appalachia - Chamomile, rosehips, raspberry leaf, papaya leaf, peppermint, spearmint, blackberry leaf, passionflower, red clover, star anise, wild cherry bark, lemon peel, wintergreen, lavender, stevia, vanilla extract, wintergreen extract. Absolutely fabulous.

Ginger Mate- This is a powerfully aromatic blend that steeps up medium-bodied, slightly sweet, and pleasantly citrusy. A very bracing and invigorating cup. Contains: green mate, roasted mate, lemongrass, lemon flavor, ginger root

Margaret's Soother- Comforting, relaxing, and delicious. This herbal blend of peppermint, clove, and licorice is an antidote for stressful times.

Orange Blossom Special- An aromatic, citrusy, and refreshing herbal blend. Contains: orange peel, apple pieces, hibiscus blossoms, rose hip peel, flavor.

Red Berries- Wonderfully aromatic and steeps ruby red in color, and the liquor is full-bodied, with tons of sweet fruit/berry flavors, and a decidedly tart note. This is far and away our best-selling iced tea, and equally wonderful as a hot tea. Contains: apple, elderberries, currants, rosehip peels, blackberries, raspberries, flavoring, hibiscus, sour cherry pieces.